Why hire COM.EN.CO. for your Project:

The end of baby boomer generation has forced all major player of Oil & Gas and Power Generation to introduce detailed procedures to support the new generations of technicians. Unfortunately, procedures describe only the nice side of the story. The unthinkable happens and there is no substitute to experience.
If this is true in a green field project, in a revamping or modification of an existing plant this is a everyday experience.
A revamping is where the old world that run on experience and zero procedures clashes with the new world of procedures and zero experience.
Revamping is where COM.EN.CO. makes the difference:
injecting expertise, supporting the field engineer with advanced Virtual Reality technology, providing the engineering activities that bridge new and old technology, plant and equipment, theory and practice, for the success of the project and all its parties.
This is the lesson of Carmine Di Biasi, our Founder.

Dependable Handpicked Experts

Comenco field service engineers are handpicked experts matched to your specific plant, rotating equipment, program.
We do not bring you just "the right person", but all the expertise of the whole COM.EN.CO. organization. We support the person on field via Virtual Reality sets and continuous access to COM.EN.CO. ' s HQ pull of industry veterans and library of data and case histories.
Our professional services cover a wide range of activities: construction, installation, commissioning and start-up, scheduled and unplanned maintenance, project management, QA / QC management and technical training.

When you reach out with a request, we match it with a proprietary database that sorts out the best fitting candidates, down to the specific equipment experience and customer referrals. After assessing their availability and suitability, the customer makes the appointement and COM.EN.CO. takes care of all the necessary logistic and bureaucratic activities.
Our support does not stop here. On premisis, each field engineer is always in contact with COM.EN.CO. HQ Central Operations, via VOIP, video and our Virtual Reality toolset, that can assists with the experience of our senior managers and engineers.
Our experts can also perform predictive and preventive  maintenance of  gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors significantly reducing the risk of emergency shutdowns, keeping machines in optimal condition, and keeping under control related costs.

• Programming, Planning and Supervision of Maintenance Activities
• Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety Analysis
• Troubleshooting
• On-site maintenance and repair
• Borescope inspections
• Alignment inspections and corrective actions
• Special Diagnostics: ability to interpret the symptoms of your machinery
• Evaluation of Experts: the experience of understanding the whole picture of your operations

We love to transfer our expertise.
Our courses are delivered in our HQ classrooms in Florence, Italy; at customer's sites or via latests video conferencing platforms.
We teach basic and advanced classes on:

• Rotating equipment (gas and steam turbine, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors)
• Rotating equipment  control systems
• Instrumentation and electrical systems
• Engines, generators, starting circuits engines, variable speed motors
• Automatic switches, transformers, substations

Compatible Maintenance Kits

Routine inspection and maintenance activities are often priced disproportionately to the market value of the consumables and minor spare parts.

CO.MEN.CO. has developed standard maintenance kits that are fully compatible with OEM's parts, offering the operator the same peace of mind of original parts, at a fair price.

The kit focuses on some of the most common gas turbine installations, like the ones of IPP Independent Power Producers and Industrial CHP Combined Heat and Power or CC Combined Cycle applications.
Reach out our customer service to see if your equipment can take advantage of our kits.

Knowledgeable Systems Debuggers

Plant upgrades, retrofitting, revamping or modifications, often generate no-body's lands at the interface of BOP and equipment.
OEMs decline responsibility outside strict battery limits for reason of warranty, priority or costs.

COM.EN.CO. has a reputation of debugging firefighting systems and equipment control systems that shall be made again capable to operate the plant safely and effectively.
Our engineers provide detailed analyzes of existing systems and identify the most suitable optimization or diagnostic solutions for the control system's upgrading of:

• Industrial Plants
• Compressor Sets
• Power Generation Sets
• Relevant Auxiliary Systems & Drivers
• Turbine Control System
• PLC / DCSv • Generator Protection System
• Compressor Antisurge Control
• Firefighting systems

We take full responsibility for the design, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of Human Machine Interfaces, Distributed Control Systems, Emergency Shutdown Systems and Fire and Gas Systems (HMIs, DCS, ESD AND F&G SYSTEMS).

Get in touch with our Automation and Control Engineering Department.

Trustable Third Party Advisors

Things may happen to be not fully in line with the OEMs fair tale story.

COM.EN.CO. is able to identify, solve and explain situations that require a hands-on system expertise, that OEMs may not be interested to anticipate during bidding phase.

For this reason, COM.EN.CO. has been selected as trustworthy Technical Advisor of end users and Third-Party Advisor by  National Courts, whenever a contractual litigation or dispute arise.

Comprehensive Plant operators

Small Independent Power Producer and Industrial CHP Owners may find it difficult to get a personalized user experience from their equipment OEM.
On the other hand, some of the latest small industrial gas turbines may require a specialized hand to be operated at their full potential.

COM.EN.CO. can take full operations responsibility on behalf of the plant owner, who can thus concentrate its focus on the core business.

Ask for our “Service and Maintanance Agreement”, and our full operation services.